About Us

About Us

Parawood of the Americas, Inc is a Direct supplier of parawood products to consumers, material suppliers and manufacturers and provides rapid delivery of high quality, raw and finished materials to client enterprises by embracing quality, environmental and social international standards. We take our environmental responsibility to the forest and plantations very seriously and are proud to source all our wood only from mature plantation trees that have fulfilled their usefulness in the natural rubber industry and then only from farmers that are members of the Rainforest Alliance and share our values in using only sustainable agricultural methods and hold a mutual respect for the forest and the people who work it.

As a regional provider of parawood products based in the western hemisphere, Parawood of the Americas, Inc and its strategic allies offer enhanced productivity and value by Keeping your supply Chain clean and efficient with lower lead times, shipping costs and the ability to customize your desired project and needs. We provide profitable access to high Quality parawood products with quality that meets or surpasses comparable products in international markets in the far east .

Our Production and logistics team is highly qualified with over 35 years of experience in the wood processing industry and are committed to the highest standards in design, production and quality control with Extensive product manufacturing lines backed with the capacity and reliability to fulfill our clients needs anywhere in the Western Hemisphere and beyond.  We create added value by maximizing our rubber tree resources, and manufacturing boards, panels, base boards, dimensional parts and components used in the manufacturing of furniture, cabinets, kitchens, floors and steps, butcher block counters and table tops, among others.

We have allied ourselves with one of the only modern precision sawmills and engineered wood products processing plants in the Americas specializing in pressure treated and kiln dried parawood. Securing its humidity content, durability and high quality standards.

As part of our commitment to the highest standards of social responsibility.  We are Keenly aware of the important role that the welfare of farming families play in the Farming Process. As a result we ally ourselves with companies that share our commitment and vision for enhancing the economic development, education and healthcare accessibility for the native workers in the farms where the wood is procured.